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Nitrogen Gas Generators

We design, manufacture and export PSA Gas Plants (Generator) , Our PSA Nitrogen Gas Generator is available in different purity for different application, MS model is for Nitrogen Purity of 90 % to 99.99 %, DX model and Cu – Dx Model is archives nitrogen purity  up to 99.9999 %, In Dx- Model hydrogen content is 0.5 % to 1% which desirable for heat treatment and some of furnaces this model is more popular for Heat treatment applications However Cu- Dx Model hydrogen content is 0 %, means Nitrogen is free from Oxygen and Hydrogen which desirable Electronics parts manufacturing and some of automobile process. We also manufactures of PSA based Oxygen Gas Generators & Plants, Oxygen Gas Generator produced Purity up to 93%


Spare Parts of Nitrogen Gas Generator & Nitrogen Gas Plants

We design, manufacturing and supply spares parts and components of PSA GAS Plants, We also stock all components of PSA gas Generator, We Stocks and supply all types of Desiccants and Catalysts like as  CMS (Carbon Molecular Sieves), Activated Carbon, Activated Alumina , Molecular Sieve in all grades , Palladium Catalyst , Nickle catalyst, and Copper Catalyst .
We also Stock and Supply all types valves required for PSA Gas Plants for Example , GSR Valves , quick Exhaust valve , DOM Valve , Non Return Valves, Safety Valves, Auto Drain valves and Ammonia Valves , Other parts of PSA Gas plants are also available like as heater, Diaphragm , Oxygen Analyser, Temperature Controller ETC. We keeps in stock all types filter Housing and filter elements required for PSA Gas plants and Filtration units.

We also Supply Air receiver, Gas storage tank, Heat Exchanger, Cooler and other Fabrication items as per Customized drawing related to GAS Projects


Oxygen Gas Plants

We have been Design, manufacturing and Supply Cryogenic based Oxygen and Nitrogen Gas Plants and Air separation plants. Our Plants are ranging from 20 Nm3/ Hr. to 6000 Nm3 / Hr. Product Gas Purity is from 99.6% to 99.9997% (impurity 3 PPM) for Oxygen and Nitrogen purity achieved with purity from 2ppm to 3 ppm.

 Plants are specially designed and optimized for the process according to the local weather and engineering specifications to make sure the ASP can perform in local environment, Our Plants are based on best available technology in world for Optimization and low power consumption, we have direct association of Key equipment’s manufacturers like as Cameron Compression Systems, ACD LLC, Sulzer, Siemens, etc to




Components of ASU Plants & Oxygen Gas Plants

We manufacture and Supply Components of ASU Gas Plants like as Complete Precooling System, ACT & WCT, Purification System Mo sieve System, Piping Spools, and Fabrication of Cold Box etc. We stock all Types of Internals required for ASU Gas Plants as Metal Pall Ring, Plastic pall rings and similar types of rings, we also stock Molecular sieves for Purification unit and different parts of Turboexpander.

We also coordinate to supply Main Equipment’s required for ASU Gas plants like as Turbo Compressor, Turbine, and Product Compressor for Oxygen and Nitrogen and Storage Tanks for Liquid and GAS.

We have in-house capacity for Manufacturing of Electrical Panels and DCS control System required for Different gas Projects and ASU Gas Plants

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Nitrogen Gas Generator

We are Delhi based company and our state of art manufacturing Facility is located at Greater Noida. We are certified by international Quality Standard and obtains ISO 9001- 2015 from TÜV Rheinland and Manufacturing Facility is approved by NSIC (MSME). Our company possesses professional technical personnel teams of design, EPC Services of Gases Plants & Gases Projects and also possesses design ability of product such as independent process calculation, project design, and unit design, project Etc. We are Designer, Manufacturer, Exporter of a comprehensive assortment of Nitrogen Gas Generator, PSA Nitrogen Gas Plant. Our Nitrogen Gas Generator are designed using the finest quality CMS (Carbon Molecular Sieve) imported from German and Japan which is per the set universal norms. In addition to this our product Nitrogen Gas Generator are Low Capital & running cost, Start-up time of only 10 to 15 minutes & Capacity Of Nitrogen Gas Generator is available from 5 Nm3/hr to 500 Nm3/hr with Purity of 99% to 99.9998% (2PPM) at Discharge Pressure range is available from 5 Kg/ Cm2 to 7.5 Kg/cm2, Higher Pressure is available with BOOSTER for 30 Kg/cm2 and 150 Kg/cm2 We also Design, manufacture and exporter of Ammonia Gas cracker, Gas Purifier, high-purity nitrogen generators, Cryogenic based ASU Gas Plants, Gas Liquefaction Plants & its Components. We also undertakes EPC Services for Turn Key Gases Projects with major activities like as Engineering, engineering consulting, Erection Services, installation and commissioning Services




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