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Engineering Project / EPC Services for Turn Key Projects

We provides EPC services of Gas Plants for Civil , Electrical , Mechanical & Instruments & Control System

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We Provided Engineering Services for GAS PLANTS of Following area


  1. Civil Drawing for Foundation of each Equipment’s
  2. Electrical Engineering Services like SLD and equipment Selection
  3. Instruments & Control Engineering Services for DCS and other Equipment’s
  4. Lay outing of Equipment’s
  5. Selection of Equipment’s
  6. Providing Full Technical Specification for Procurements
  7.  In process & manufacturing Inspection
  8. Supervision of All Equipment’s Erection Supervision
  9. Supervision and Support during Commissioning


We also provide above EPC services following Major Equipment’s of Gas Plants


1. Self-cleaning Air Filter                                                                                   

2.  Air Compressor

3.  Air Pre-Cooling System

4.   Air Purification System

5.   Booster Turbo-expander                                                                          

6.   Cold Box System                                                                                           

7.   Gas Oxygen Storage Tank                                                                       

8.  Oxygen Compressor Unit                                                                          

9.  Gas Oxygen Storage Tank                                                                          

10.  Gas balloon                                                                                                   

11.  Oxygen Compressor                                                                                  

12. Gas oxygen Storage Tank                                                                         

13.  Double-circuit Pressure Stabilization Device                                  

14.  Gas Nitrogen Storage Tank                                                                   

15. Nitrogen Compressor Unit                                                                       

16. Gas Nitrogen Storage Tank                                                                   

17. Double-circuit Pressure Stabilization Device

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