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Air Filteration & Compression System

Air Compression and Air Filtration system is used to Generate Feed air for Air Separation Gas Plants

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The air is filtered to remove dust and dirt before it enters the Main Air Compressor (MAC). The MAC is usually centrifugal compressor powered by an electric motor. The compressor usually has its own lube oil system. Between the compressor stages are intercoolers that cool the air. When the air cools, water vapor condenses and is removed through traps

We have expert team of Rotary Machine to selects the perfect matching compressor of ASU gas Plants, In general we selects Centrifugal Compressor to generate the feed air at 7 Kg/ cm2 with 110 Deg cent 

We have direct association with Ingersoll rand, Atlas Copco and other Manufacturers of Centrifugal Compressor

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