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Air Pre-cooling System ( ACT & WCT )

This system consists of the air cooling tower, water cooling tower and four water pumps to reduce the Temprature from 110 Deg Cent to 16 Deg Cent

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The air cooling tower is of the packing type with two layers of packing material.  The air delivered to the bottom of the air cooling tower from the user’s piping network passes through the packing layers from the bottom to the top and is cooled by the water flowing from the top to the bottom with part of NOx?SO2 , C1+ and other harmful impurities removed.  Finally, the air enters the molecular sieve purification system after passing through the wire mesh separator. The air leaves the air cooling tower at a temperature of approximately 15?.


There are two streams of water in the air cooling water.  The lower stream is the cooling water from the chilling water tower provided by the user, which enters the middle section of the air cooling tower after being pressurized by the recycling water pump to converge with the chilling water flowing from the top to the bottom and finally returns to the chilling water tower.

The upper stream is the chilling water from the chilling water tower, which is delivered to the top of the air cooling tower by the chilling water pump after having conducted the heat and mass exchange in the cooling water tower with the redundant pure nitrogen and waste nitrogen from the rectification column.

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